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Black Dignity | 1 of 1 | 68003edt-prsv

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Idols of the Game. [No. 3, 1995-11-30], Love and Money | 5 of 6 | 95209dct-5

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CBS Reports. [1986-01-25], The Vanishing Family: Crisis in Black America | 2 of 2 | 86126dct-2

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The Impact of the Black Male Leadership Society at UGA

11-11-2016Summary Donte Wilder discusses the need and importance of minority leadership organizations at the University of Georgia with Jessica Smith. Credentials of Speaker Donte Wilder President…

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Incorporating Inclusive History In Social Work Education

12-09-2016SummaryPorter Jennnings and Tenesha Littleton discuss their research on a lack of minority inclusion in Schools of Social Work throughout the country with Jessica Smith.Credentials of…

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