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JJ Apodaca

New Frontiers in Conservation Genetics: How Genetic Analysis is Helping to Shape an New Era in Wildlife Conservation

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Steven Seybold

Research Entomologist, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station Bark Beetles, Woodborers, and California Trees: Impact and Management of Native and Invasive Species

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Dr. Michael Yabsley

The wild world of Guinea Worms: Research efforts to inform the international guinea worm eradication program = is there a new threat?

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Panel: Personal Perspectives on Changes in Wildlife Management, Education, Students, and Faculty During the Last 40 Years

Panel: Personal Perspectives on Changes in Wildlife Management, Education, Students, and Faculty During the Last 40 Years. Dr. James H. Jenkins, Dr. A. Sydney Johnson, Dr. R. Larry Marchinton, Dr.…

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Ron Simpson

Wild Turkey Recovery in Georgia Mr. Ron Simpson Senior Wildlife Biologist GA DNR, Retired Wildlife Management in Georgia: History, Current Issues & Future Trends Annual Fall Meeting, The Georgia…

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2018-06-28 09.21 OneSource Travel Training session 1

Magen Ballard

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Kathy Abusow

"Why working forests matter". President and CEO of the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI)

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Dr. Lizzie King

Ecological dynamics and livelihood adaptation in rapidly transforming social-ecological systems.

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Dr. Hayley Tumas

“Conservation in a Rush: population and landscape genetics in the salt marsh”

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Dr. Wayne Freimund

Professor and Chair, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, Clemson University "Popularity and the future of access to our National Parks: A commons for the public or a…

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Dr. Jon Deroba

NOAA at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center Communicating with stakeholders: lessons learned from the science and management of Atlantic herring

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Dr, Donald White

"Water use by plantations and native forest in central Chile: myths, measurement, modeling and meaning”Adjunct Professor at Murdoch University and a Senior advisor in ecohydrology from…

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Lab Safety 2-2018

Preparing for Lab Safety Assessments Forestry February 21, 2018 Research Safety, Office of Research UGA Brandon Foskey

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Dr. Joel Berger

Barbara Cox Anthony University Chair in Wildlife Conservation at Colorado State University "Extreme Conservation on a Glacier-Less Earth -- Vignettes from, Asia, Arctic, and America."

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Arava Institute

Beyond borders: environmental cooperation in Israel and Palestine Ari Massefski Rachel Szor Mahmood al Ramahi

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Dr. Jena Hickey

"Guns, Germs, and Gorillas: Conservation in a Transboundary Context" Conservation Scientist, International Gorilla Conservation Programme Warnell Graduate Student Symposium Keynote Speaker

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