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Informational interviewing with Steve Dalton

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Creating an Instant Bond (Summarizing the Other Person's Situation) | Chris Voss

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Mandy Mastrovita - "How We Handle PR in the DLG (Our changes over the last 5 years)​," Society of Georgia Archivists (SGA) Annual Meeting, October 22, 2021 [WITH AUDIO]

Society of Georgia Archivists Annual Meeting 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Session 9A October 22, 2021 "How We Handle PR in the DLG (Our changes over the last 5 years)​" presented as part of…

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Graduate Career Series: Leveraging LinkedIn

New to LinkedIn? Looking to use this tool more effectively? Regardless of your experience level with the LinkedIn platform, join us to learn more! This session will cover tips and strategies for…

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Curating Your Professional Network

Authentically building a diverse network is key to preparing for your transition from your academic career into the workplace. Join us for this session as we discuss ways to build meaningful…

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Fostering LGBTQIA Equity

10-28-2016 Summary In recent history, President Obama designated a Stonewall National Monument. You can read more about it…

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