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Gallery Highlights - At War with Nature - Kudzu

In this tour stop, Russell Library intern Caroline Caden takes a closer look at kudzu as part of the exhibition At With with Nature: The Battle to Control Pests in Georgia's Forests, Fields and…

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Kelley Leah- HPB- Ecotherapy

A literature reivew on the impact of Ecotherapy on Mental Health Ecotherapy offers a unique treatment to the growing crisis of mental illness, lowering depression and anxiety, and increasing…

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Cadillac Desert. [No. 103, 1997-07-08], The Mercy of Nature | 3 of 3 | 97053dct-3

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Dr. Sharon Deem - One Health in the Age of the Anthropocene

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Steven Seybold

Research Entomologist, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station Bark Beetles, Woodborers, and California Trees: Impact and Management of Native and Invasive Species

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Dr. Hayley Tumas

“Conservation in a Rush: population and landscape genetics in the salt marsh”

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Dr. Wayne Freimund

Professor and Chair, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, Clemson University "Popularity and the future of access to our National Parks: A commons for the public or a…

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Dr, Donald White

"Water use by plantations and native forest in central Chile: myths, measurement, modeling and meaning”Adjunct Professor at Murdoch University and a Senior advisor in ecohydrology from…

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Dr. James Beasley

Savannah River Ecology Lab & Warnell Radioactive Wildlife: The Secret Life of Mammals Inhabiting Chernobyl and Fukushima

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Dr. H. Dail Laughinghouse

Dr. H. Dail Laughinghouse, University of Florida Department of Agronomy’s Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center “Phycoremediation: Harnessing the power of algae to reverse…

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Dr. Richard Hofstetter

Northern Arizona University “Effects of the host plant on symbiotic associates of bark beetles.”

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Drs. Balthazor, Dalllmeyer, & Glover

“From Bartram to Leopold: A cultural and literary history of American environmentalism.” We are pleased to have three esteemed panelists from UGA who will share their wisdom on this…

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CED Lecture_Jenny Roe.mp4

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500 Years of Antiquarian Books on Corals & Coral Reefs_Edit_Slides_Rough

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