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Global Certificate: Advertising Positions

This workshop will review in detail how to draft a compliant and clear advertisement and how to advertise and recruit for open positions.Presented by Robin Catmur-Smith, Director of Immigration…

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A Guide to Compass: Immigration Services' Benefits and Sponsorship Portal for Department Users

This presentation provides a guide to using Compass ( to request sponsorships and other benefits for international faculty, staff, and students at UGA. It is geared towards…

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Free to Be... You and Me | 1 of 1 | 74280cyt

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The Lives of the Children. [No. 1, 1995-09-18], The Throwaways | 1 of 9 | 95007dcr-1-prsv

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El Refugio

Description: Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius discusses with PJ and Amy Edwards, board members of El Refugio, the importance of human rights support both for asylum seekers as well as undocumented persons.…

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Unscripted interview with UGA professor Martin Kagel

A.G. Steer Professor of German and associate dean in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, Martin Kagel is co-director of the Berlin Seminar in Transnational European Studies. A joint initiative…

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Immigration Reform and Refugee Policy in the Trump Era

Co- Producer Tali Abraham interviews Dr. Larry Nackerud about immigration and refugee policy under the Trump Administration. Photo: Dorthea Lange d, "Migrant Mother." 1936 Public Domain …

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Policy Through the Lens of Social Justice

12-15-2016Summary Dr. Iris Carlton-LaNey discusses policies and laws in relation to social justice with Dr.Cornelius. Credentials of Speaker Dr. Iris Carlton LaNey Ph.D, University of North Carolina…

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Immigration Policy Within American Political Climate

12-14-2016Summary Dr. Maria Vidal DeHaymes discusses immigration policy with Dr. Cornelius. Credentials of Speakers Dr. Maria Vidal DeHaymes, PhD Full Professor, Director of the…

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Empowerment of South Asian Women

02-01-2017Summary Dr. Sweta Singh discusses her research on South Asian women and empowerment with Dr. Cornelius. Credentials of Speaker Sweta Singh Ph.D, Associate Professor Loyola University…

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