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A Conversation with Athens-Clarke County Commissioner Tim Denson

Description: Associate Producer, Avital Abraham talks with Commissioner and community organizer, Tim Denson, about his transition from the community organizer role to the Commissioner role. Music …

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Georgia Equality and Expanded Civil Rights Legislation

Summary Rob Woods discusses the role of Georgia Equality and various projects he is working on with Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius. Credentials of Speaker Name: Rob Woods Email:…

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A historical look at access to healthcare in the U.S.

09-19-2016 Summary Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius examines the United State's history of public access to healthcare. We also examine the failures and successes of other countries who have embraced…

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An Apolitical Approach to Equity w/Llewellyn Cornelius

06-17-2016 Summary In this first episode of "Voices of Social Justice," Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius of the University of Georgia's Center for Social Justice, Human and Civil Rights…

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Investigate before you date


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