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Reporting: Creating Personalized Financial Links

Create customized, reusable links for faculty and staff to view balances from a variety of fund types (sponsored funds, foundation funds, startup funds, postdoc funds, etc.). Click here for a…

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The Stock Market Crash: Can It Happen Again? | 1 of 1 | 88109dct

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Nightly Business Report. [2000-04-21], Nobody's Business: New Concerns About Privacy | 1 of 1 | 2000040pst-arch

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How to Survive and Prosper in the World Financial Crisis | 99147dct

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The Nightly Business Report. [1992-05], Starting a Business Month | 1 of 1 | 92073pst-arch

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Price of Admission: America's College Debt Crisis | 2010194dct

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Module 1 Content

Content is evergreen and is applicable to Module 1

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The Power of Financial Literacy

Ken Chrzanowski discusses the power of financial literacy with Jessica Smith. 4-30-2018 SummaryKen Chrzanowski discusses financial literacy with Jessica Smith. He discusses financial terms, best…

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Dr. Enrico Bonello

Ohio State University “A conceptual framework for solutions to black swan events in forest health.

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02.28.17_Law School Presentation

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Coalition of Immokalee Workers (en Espanol)

10-13-2016 Summary In this episode, Dr. Rebecca Matthew and Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius interview Nelly Rodriguez, leader of the The Coalition of Immokalee Workers. The CIW is a worker-based human rights…

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An Apolitical Approach to Equity

06-17-2016 Summary In this first episode of "Voices of Social Justice," Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius of the University of Georgia's Center for Social Justice, Human and Civil Rights…

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