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Why we need Ruskin now

Unscripted interview with Yale University professor of art history Tim Barringer on the subject of Victorian-era art critic John Ruskin and his writing, including on the Political Economy of Art.…

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The Nightly Business Report. 1993 Compilation of Unedited Daily Program Segments | 2 of 3 | 93008int-2

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Voices from the Past | 1 of 2 | 58077pst-1

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Poverty Porn w/Llewellyn Cornelius

07-01-2016 Summary In this episode, Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius talks about our attitudes and processes for giving to the less fortunate. In many instances, giving can change our attitude toward those…

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8 1 3 Video - How economy should work

This video provides a simple overview of how an economy should work to promote economic growth.

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