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Self Care In Political Climates

Summary Dr. Rosalyn Denise Campbell discusses the use of self-care in social media during heightened political climates with Jessica Smith. Credentials of Speaker Rosalyn Denise Campbell, PhD,…

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Dr. Jose Aguirre

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain “The use of birds as monitoring tools in an increasingly urbanized world: 20 years of European storks and House Sparrows.”

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Dr. Len Reitsma

Dr. Len Reitsma, Plymouth State College “Long-term study of a population of Canada warblers in New Hampshire: shifting demographics in a changing landscape mosaic”

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Policy Through the Lens of Social Justice

12-15-2016Summary Dr. Iris Carlton-LaNey discusses policies and laws in relation to social justice with Dr.Cornelius. Credentials of Speaker Dr. Iris Carlton LaNey Ph.D, University of North Carolina…

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A historical look at access to healthcare in the U.S.

09-19-2016 Summary Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius examines the United State's history of public access to healthcare. We also examine the failures and successes of other countries who have embraced…

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