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Immigration Reform and Refugee Policy in the Trump Era

Co- Producer Tali Abraham interviews Dr. Larry Nackerud about immigration and refugee policy under the Trump Administration. Photo: Dorthea Lange d, "Migrant Mother." 1936 Public Domain …

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Georgia Equality and Expanded Civil Rights Legislation

Summary Rob Woods discusses the role of Georgia Equality and various projects he is working on with Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius. Credentials of Speaker Name: Rob Woods Email:…

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Actionable Recommendations for the Latinx Community Through Community Assessment

Summary Ms. Calva discusses actionable recommendations for service providers who are mandated to or would just want to better serve the local Latinx community with Jessica Smith. Credentials of…

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Social Justice As Transportation Access

12-10-2016SummaryDean Mondros discusses social justice in terms of transportation access for low income populations in New York and Long Island with Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius.Credentials of Speaker…

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Disconnect and Intersectionality Within Policy

12-04-2016Credentials of Speaker Name: Dr. Mary Caplan Email: University Affiliation: University of Georgia, Professor of Social Work, Focus on Policy Photo…

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Dr. Brian Bledsoe

Rethinking Water Infrastructure: Emerging Opportunities for Integrating Public Health and Engineering

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