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Lab Safety 2-2018

Preparing for Lab Safety Assessments Forestry February 21, 2018 Research Safety, Office of Research UGA Brandon Foskey

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Conversations with James Meredith About His Time in the U.S. Airforce

Summary Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius discusses James Meredith’s time in the U.S. Airforce just before attending the University of Mississippi with Mr. Meredith, Thomas Dixon, and their family…

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EVERYBODY Has a Role in Diversity Inclusion

Summary Dr. Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander, affectionately known as Dr. B-A, discusses with Jessica Smith the individual role within diversity and inclusion and the steps to change. Credentials of…

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Survivors of Sexual Abuse: A Discussion

12-12-2016Summary Associate Dean David discusses research in the area of survivors of sexual abuse and their experiences with religious leaders and communities with Jessica Smith. Credentials of…

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The Impact of Homicide Violence

12-13-2016Summary Dr. Tanya Sharpe discusses homicide violence in urban areas and the impact that violence has on the population residing in those areas with Jessica Smith. Credentials of Speakers…

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