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Economic Gardening: Planting Co-op Business Seeds across Georgia

Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius speaks with Mr. Matthew Epperson, the Executive Director of the Georgia Cooperative Development Center regarding trends in food and business ownership and ways in which the…

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Dr. Wayne Freimund

Professor and Chair, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, Clemson University "Popularity and the future of access to our National Parks: A commons for the public or a…

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Langdale Dedication Ceremony

Harley Langdale, Jr. Classroom and Center for Forest Business Dedication CeremonyTuesday, March 6Room 1-304 at the Warnell SchoolDr. Dale Greene, Mr. Bob Izlar, Mr. Wesley Langdale

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Dr. Jon Deroba

NOAA at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center Communicating with stakeholders: lessons learned from the science and management of Atlantic herring

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Dr. Jena Hickey

"Guns, Germs, and Gorillas: Conservation in a Transboundary Context" Conservation Scientist, International Gorilla Conservation Programme Warnell Graduate Student Symposium Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Mark McConnell

Changing the Paradigm of Conservation Delivery: Using Technology to Identify the Economic Opportunities of Strategic Conservation

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Dr. Peter Frederick

Dr. Peter Frederick, University of Florida “Restoring resilience: oyster reefs and ecosystem services in the Big Bend of Florida”

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